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Finally, the triathlon swimming app you’ve been waiting for is ready for both your iPhone and Android phones. Triathlon Swim Coach Kevin Koskella and the team at Tri Swim Coach have put all of their expertise into a swimming training program that includes everything you will need to train for a triathlon swim.

Download it from Google Play Store Now! – $2.99


Are you struggling with the swim part of triathlon training?

Do you wish there was a plan that you could take to the pool, that would not only give you a triathlon-specific workout, but where you could look at specific swim techniques and swim drills on video to know exactly what you need to be doing in your training?

If you are unsure in any way of what to do in the pool to get ready for- and conquer- an open water swim triathlon, the Tri Swim Coach app by Coach Kevin Koskella can allow you to stop guessing when you get in the water- and be able to perform the exact drills, workouts, and total distance you will need to be prepared to have a great next triathlon, and crush your old triathlon times!

You can follow one of our 12-week plans for a Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman (70.3), or Ironman triathlon, and watch the video demonstrations by professional swimmers, and even create random workouts for days when you need some creativity in your swim session.

What you will get out of this app:

  • Swim training plans for any distance triathlon you are training for
  • Technique mastery with video demonstrations of the best drills for triathletes
  • Specific trainings for open water swimming mastery
  • Swim workouts designed to help you make swimming easier- or get faster in the water
  • Customized plans to adjust to your level as you improve
  • Full written explanations of each drill and swimming term, along with the video demos
  • Be connected with Coach Kevin and the Tri Swim Coach team- we’re here to answer your questions about training and technique
  • Let the app act as your “virtual coach”. Easily waterproof your phone with a case and bring it to the pool with you
  • Come in at any level- beginning to advanced triathletes can get huge value and convenience from the Tri Swim Coach app!

Questions regarding the app? Contact us.

Customer Reviews:

What I expected – and that’s good

by Mediocre Triathlete
“I have always liked Kevin’s approach to swimming for triathletes: focus on technique, ditch the toys, and develop a feel for the water. The goal is not to be the fastest swimmer, but to be as efficient as possible. After all, there’s a lot of biking and running left to do. This app combines that approach with a ton of drills, sets, and, best of all, videos. This is great for those of us without a swimming background or access to a coach.”

Solid app and great looking

by ATX77
“No more crinkled papers and ziploc baggies for me poolside. This app contains all the workouts and drills necessary to improve my efficiency and my technique. Looking forward to some off-season training now. One suggestion, it would be nice to have a workout tracker/completed workout option at some point. Otherwise a great first edition.”


by 23 Scadoo
“This is a great resource for swimmers of any level. Being able to go to the pool and pull up workouts and drills straight from my phone takes some of the stress away from having to put a lot of thought into what workout I’m going to do that day. Buy It!”